DIANA, FOOD brings a whole collection of intense and authentic delicately cooked notes, culinary accents and preparations from selected natural raw materials:

  • Delicately cooked notes: delicately cooked carrot/leek …
  • Culinary accents: Sautéed, candied, fried, roasted...
  • Culinary preparations with Mirepoix, Soffritto, Poêlée Forestière or Wok style  


More than 40 vegetable species are available in different forms: concentrates, powders, flakes, crunchies™, crispies™…



    Root vegetables            Allium                             Leafy vegetables          Fruit vegetables             Grain vegetables




    Juice concentrates                          Powders                                         Flakes
Vegetable form 1
    Crunchies                                        CrispiesTM                                        Pieces
vegetable form 2