Agronomical expertise

DIANA, FOOD provides its customers (manufacturers in the food and nutraceutical industries) with solutions to enhance taste, colour and even the nutritional/health benefits of their products based on selected fruit, vegetables, meat and seafood raw materials.
Dispersed throughout the world, our teams of agronomists work closely with our production sites, Quality departments and Research & Development teams to provide the best products for our customers - now and in the future.

Barre grise

Strict selection of land and suppliers

Our Agronomy department selects farming land and suppliers with the utmost care to allow for maximum expression of the characteristics desired. This selection is used to ensure you a product with excellent organoleptic, visual and health qualities, thus guaranteeing the quality, reliability and competitiveness of your products.


Compliance with regulations and meeting customers’ specific requirements

Our team of agronomists monitors compliance with agriculture-related regulations by demanding specific farming methods for your requirements (i.e. organic farming, infant and baby food applications, etc.)



Aware of our responsibility to agricultural resources and the challenges that the international agricultural arena will face in the years to come, we have introduced an initiative for crops optimisation by moving towards ecologically-intensive farming. Our purchasing policy is part of this sustainable approach by sourcing only from agricultural methods which are economically viable, socially fair and  ecologically healthy. We support producers in the continuous improvement of their production.


Innovation and continuous improvement

Our agronomists also work closely with seed producers and researchers to have access to the genetic resources best adapted to your needs; this also helps to continuously improve their products. Our agronomists are also involved in prospective research to develop new raw materials and new ingredient solutions.