Technological expertise

High quality technological facilities

We have access to various technologies which help extracting properties from natural raw materials - from vegetable to meat and seafood products - and which enable to offer customers a wide range of forms (juice concentrates, purees, powders, flakes, granules, crunchies, pieces...).

Industrial processes such as extraction, concentration and drying are regularly improved and deployed worldwide in order to enable DIANA, FOOD to offer customised solutions to its customers in the food industry.

In 2012, DIANA, FOOD strengthened its capabilities in its Buin site in Chile, with the introduction of a new drying unit which now expands its range of fruit and vegetable powders. DIANA, FOOD has also reinforced its process engineering and formulation know-how with the acquisition of PACIFIC PURE AID (USA) to extend its culinary solution capabilities.


Global presence in both hemispheres

Our 9 production sites in both hemispheres help us to constantly satisfy our customers’ demands and increase our performance with excellent control of quality and competitiveness.