DIANA, FOOD offers a unique and comprehensive range of natural solutions based on fruit, vegetables, meat and fish to optimise the visual, colour, texture and taste performance of the final product. 

  • The highest standards of quality, in line with baby food market demands, are provided thanks to upstream
    integration - an in-house team of agronomists - and strict controls throughout the production process, right up
     to delivery to the customer.
  • We ensure an optimised supply thanks to facilities based in both hemispheres, while complying with baby food
    quality standards.
  • Our range suits to many wet and dry applications including baby cereals, milks and drinks, jars and dishes of
    purees and ready meals.
  • We possess a wide range of technologies offering concentrates, powders, flakes, granules, crunchies, IQF pieces
    and more.





 DIANA BABYTM: An offer for every step...