Bakery and Cereals

DIANA, FOOD offers a wide range of natural functional solutions based on fruit and vegetables for different applications: dry/ filled biscuits, cereal bars, breakfast bars, breads and pastries. 

  • From fruit powders and concentrates, we offer you natural and clean label taste solutions with various notes (acid, fruity, acidulous, sweet…).
  • Our Health / Nutrition range enables to define your recipes by providing fruit/ superfruit/ vegetables content according
    to equivalences, daily servings or actives.
  • With our rehydrated flakes, we can provide you a pulpy texture to your recipes while enhancing visual and taste impact. Used as a substitute for puree with their ease to use and to storage, flakes apply ideally in fruit fillings reinforcing the fruit depiction.
  • Thanks to a large choice of crunchies and crispies, your recipe can be unique by giving it a tailor-made and attractive visual. These pieces of fruit and vegetables from 1 to 10mn, used in inclusion or decoration, enable you to play on many specificities: colour, size, density, forms and texture.

DIANA, FOOD provides a high added-value to your products (dry/ filled
biscuits, cereal bars, breakfast bars, breads and pastries) by enhancing sensorial and
functional benefits mainly in terms of taste, texture, visual impact and Health/ Nutrition.


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Bakery and cereal catalogue Sept2014