Soups, sauces and Ready meals

DIANA, FOOD offers a natural solution range from fruit, vegetable, meat and seafood products to bring taste in dry and wet applications: soups, sauces, seasonings, bouillons, ready-meals, pastas, rice, processed vegetables and meat...

  • With our technological expertise and our Research & Development know-how, many taste nuances are developed
    and adapted to your recipes. While offering the easiest labelling, we provide you culinary and authentic profiles, from the simplest to the most elaborated notes (boiled, roasted, grilled…).
  • Our vegetable flakes and crunchies, our different meat based pieces bring a visual impact (colours…) to your recipes.
  • We propose you health solutions such as fruit and vegetables equivalences by servings; the nutritional
    characterization and guarantees (protein, fat and salt content, Vitamins and minerals) ; Innovative health actives.