Texturing expertise

DIANA, FOOD provides textured solutions using purees, powders, flakes, pieces from fruits, vegetables, meat and seafood products.  This large range enables to cover different applications in sweet and baby food, with a traceability guarantee and a high product quality.


Textured solutions

DIANA texture flakes
We deliver specific texture solutions adapted to different applications, using fruit, vegetables, meat and seafood in various forms: purees, powders, flakes, crunchies, pieces…

From sourcing to process


From sourcing to process, the renowned quality of our products is based on our commitment at each stage of production: raw material selection, maximum traceability, cutting-edge technology…

Our quality expertise can also be seen in our range of specific products such as organically-farmed, controlled pesticide and clean label.



These textures, from soft to crunchy, are used in many applications:

  • Baby food to accompany each stage of an infant’s development: cereals, drinks, milks, ready-made meals and jars
  • Sweet: chocolates, biscuits, coatings
  • Beverage: smoothies and other drinks
  • Savoury : soups, sauces, processed meat (Frankfurt sausage, Mortadella, liver pâté)



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