With over 50 years of experience, Confoco has remained as a highest quality ingredients supplier for food industry.

Today, We are leaders in the production, distribution and marketing of flakes, powders, mashed essence and a variety of tropical fruits and vegetables, especially bananas.

Our geographical location is strategic because it allows us to guarantee the production of food ingredients because we have fresh produce top quality farms. Also, the different microclimates of Ecuador allow us to add, to our long list of new products, versatile and high nutritional content tropical fruits and vegetables thus giving an added value to our customers.

Fulfilling our daily commitment to maintaining the highest quality levels in CONFOCO we are in a continuous development in all our areas, as demonstrated by all our evaluations have been made made by: CERT ID with BRC (British Retail Consortion) certification; ECUADOR SGS HACCP certification; FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

Frutas y Legumbres



In the world today is a privilege to offer full traceability of our production. Our efficient tracking system has allowed us to get certified as producers of organic ingredients ÖKO BSC (Peter Grosch Control System) Germany. Additionally, all our products are Kosher and Halal certification.

Since 2013 we are part of the company DIANA, division of Symrise Group, with a worldwide presence, placing us close to our customers and enable us to meet their needs in a flexible and effective. We consider customer service as one of our priorities as a company.

We are dedicated to the sole purpose of developing the most fruitful business relationships and produce ingredients of the highest quality for food industry.